Do you struggle with coarse, thick hair in unwanted areas - like your underarms, face, chest, or legs? Laser hair removal is a safe, effective, and permanent solution for treating unwanted hair!

At M Spa at the Reserve, we're proud to offer the Cutera HR® laser system, the most advanced laser hair removal system designed to effectively remove hair while maximizing patient comfort. We offer laser hair removal of the upper and lower legs, bikini area, upper lip, underarms, face, chin, and chest. 

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Hair grows in three stages. When hair is in the anagen (active growth) stage, it is most vulnerable to light therapy. The Cutera HR® laser utilizes pulses of light energy to gently penetrate into the skin and specifically target unwanted hair follicles. The pulses of light selectively heat the full length of each imbedded hair follicle, cutting off its supply of nutrients and thus disabling its growth.

Because all hair is not always in the anagen stage at one time, multiple treatments must be given over time to effectively treat the entire area. Typically, patients see best results after 6-10 treatments. The results are permanent and effective - with an average of 80-90% of hair follicles permanently removed from treated areas!

Can anyone do it?

The Cutera Excel HR Laser is an advanced laser hair removal system for all skin types - even those with darker skin tones previously untreatable by laser hair removal systems. Excel HR’s new technology, coupled with the superiority of sapphire contact cooling, is redefining modern laser hair removal.

The laser works best on dark hair. It does not work well on blond, gray, red, or white hair because it does not absorb laser energy due to lack of pigment. We can attempt to treat light hair, however, we often recommend doing a test spot first.

This laser is one of the few that can safely treat darker skin tones, where epidermal protection is a critical factor. When treating darker skin types contact cooling is the preferred method given its ability to cool the treatment area before, during and after each laser pulse. The Excel HR laser system is the only hair removal system with the combined power of 1064 nm and 755 nm that uses sapphire contact cooling, providing continuous cooling, and giving you maximum comfort along with fantastic results!


You will begin to see results within 1-3 weeks after each treatment. After receiving your recommended number of treatments, you can enjoy a permanent reduction of 80-90% of hair in the treated area!

After Treatment

Be sure to limit sun exposure after treatment, and always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen, especially on treated areas. 

We recommend SkinMedica's Total Repair + Defense sunscreen, which protects against UVA/UVB rays, infrared rays, and also supports the skin's natural ability to heal itself. You can find this sunscreen at our spa. 


Laser hair removal is an investment in your comfort and confidence! You'll save hundreds over the course of your lifetime in shaving and waxing products and services. Treatments range from $115-$500 per treatment depending on the area treated. We offer CareCredit to help patients finance cosmetic treatments. For more detailed pricing information, message us at